mobile house designed especially for you

About us

COZY4YOU is a brand-new project in our company.

Our company was founded in 1994 and initially it was involved in the trading of furnishings for houses.

Between 1998 – 2004 our main focus was on manufacturing of steel fences and railings, during those years we had more than 400 contracts and served over 500 clients around Europe. By gaining more and more experience we realized that the key to build our brand is a very high-quality product and a good connection with our customers.

In 2005 we broadened our enterprise and started building houses. During the next years we collaborated with many architects and design companies in order to create the perfect house. Our main ideas were to make it comfortable, functional and practical. With this project we gained more trust from our customers who are more than happy to recommend us now.

In 2011 we decided to move with the times and keep up with the new technology, therefore after a hard 12 months of planning and building we succeeded and created “FIRST” in Poland – Mobile Cinema 7D. Our cinema was built on a truck with a sliding hydraulic screen. By gaining new experiences in the building of mobile cinemas we decided to unite our projects and passions in order to create something new – Mobile House COZY4YOU.